Visit with Erin and Dianna

Hi Everyone,
I just got back from visiting Erin in the hospital. I made sure to let them all (Erin Dianna and family) know about all of the people on the site who were sending their prayers and thoughts. Erin seems like she is doing much better. She was awake the whole time, and even walking around some. She had enough energy to visit and talk–she is really a wonderful person. Thank you everyone for your prayers, and please keep them coming–they are working great!

Dianna, Erin, and their family are just amazing, and I felt so blessed that they allowed me to come and visit with them. We talked for hours, and even had some laughs. I really can’t explain ho much it meant to me–They really appreciate all of the love and support from everyone here, so thank you all so much. Please keep praying, and with some luck she may be back home this week!

Oh, I’m so glad to hear this news. Thank you, Marilyn!


Thank you Marilyn!! Wonderful news. I am happy. :))

Thanks Marilyn - am delighted!!


That is great news!

Marilyn that is the most bril news and must have been so good for you and eveyone, take care. A

Thank you Marilyn,
This is like sunshine, may there be a lot of it.

Marilyn, you are such a sweetheart. We love you and can never thank you enough for the visit,… To bad for you now kid but,…, you are a part of our family and you are just going to have to deal with it… We love you and Mariah thinks you are just the greatest !!! Oh just in case you don’t get it here is how it is… You now have a new sister (Erin), and new brother (Vito), and new niece (Mariah) and a momma (Dianna) , and no you can’t call me Dianna you better call me mom. Love you sweetheart,.

Thank you, well at least we know we have one MVP in MN! “HATS OFF TO YOU!!!”


I am so glad Erin is home, and I love my new family!