Visual Siezure? 6 months after surgery?

Ok so this is kinda hard to see as my avm has affected my vision. I had my surgery 6 months ago and this last week began to try and go off dilantin. Started Wednesday and Sunday morning woke up with my children looking like Jay Leno! My vision is still distorted but sometimes I see a glimpse of what my children really look like. My neuro doc thinks I am having “aroa’s” excuse the mis spelling I am having a tuff time seeing everything. Hasn’t gone back to normal. They are trying to get me back to atheraputic level. Anyone have a similiar experience? I want to see my children and husband oh and myself as I truly am??? Excited to check out this site and hope to encourage others, I have come a long way in my AVM experience and trust God is not done yet. Thank you

I had something that sounds like that sometime back, my doctors at the time called it everything, it turned out to be high intracranial pressure that caused Papilledema( swelling of the optic disk ).I had a spinal tap and my pressure was 33 and should have been 13.That was before I had my AVM treated, and the avm was causing the high pressure .You could have some swelling going on from your surgery seam like along time tho.Oh by the way they called it a vision seizure and it maybe showing up now because your coming off the dilantin . What you have maybe something altogether different just throught in my two cents
Welcome to the site hope you find what is doing it cya Gordon

Hello Lisa,
After the surgery, my eye sight was affected a little, needed more light to read, especially small letters.
The weird thing; I could depict fiqures, mosty faces from lines, circles. I didn’t experieced the same as yours, hope you lick it!