Is there any do's and don'ts regarding vitamins or supplements.
Seems that there should be something that will strengthen so that
their is less chance of a another bleed. I am maybe reaching here,
but need to ask if anyone has advise.

It is problematic for us to give advice about supplements, Momo, as we don't know your full condition or have appropriate expertise on what is right for you. Members can share what they are taken or what their doctors have recommended for them, but please be sure to check any plans to supplement with your own doctor, as you are unique, and so are your health circumstances.

Thank you Madere!
Certainly that makes alot of sense to me.
My thoughts are running overtime, and so I put them out there.
Don't think that any kind of a blood thinner would be a good thing.
Our grand daughter has her avm on her brain stem.
Thank you all for your patience with me.
I am sure to be back soon.
God Bless you all!

Yes, check with your doctors. I had an "Organic/Health food/supplement store owner suggesting all kinds of things that would thin my blood. And she (supposedly) has a degree in natural healing!

Hi MoMO!

I think this is a good question as I have asked the very same question at one point in journey and I really didn't get many answers. lol. I do agree with Madere in that every person's AVM is unique so this is kind of tricky territory. I have found that because I take so many medications I deal with nausea and other yucky stomach problems as well as other new issues like severe dermatitis of the hands and kidney infections. So, I started to think along the lines of overall health thinking that if I focused on that, then maybe it could offset some of the issues I was experiencing. So, I am as active as I can be without getting my blood pressure to high, I eliminated things like refined sugars and processed foods. (I do indulge in cake and candy from time to time, I just control it better) and I take a daily women's multi-vitamins. In the last year, my appetite has gotten just a little better, the skin on my hands have improved (still some issues but not as devastating) and I feel stronger.

While dealing with our unique deficits is difficult and there probably isn't one single supplement that could be considerably helpful, I think a good conversation with your doctor about vitamins and supplements as well as just plain old good nutrition could be very helpful.

Good luck!

Thank you for your kind reply Mica!
I am having my daughter call and talk to them about this.
Since her procedure is June 15th, I don't want to wait that long to ask them.
As for a good diet, she is a teenager and looks her junk foods :)
She is trying tho. The steroids she was on for 3 weeks put 10 lbs on
her tiny little body. So she is concerned with getting that off now.
Prays to you all!!

My advice is speak to your doctor
I took vit K and ended up getting 5 blood clots in my brain I was also eating salads and changed my hormones.
I did take turmeric after my stroke which I believed helped me recover
My accupunture wanted me to take an herb that had vit P but my neuros would not approve it and since I am going in for an angio/embolism so not taking it
I do take methyl b12 seeking health brand and vit C which helps collagen and our blood vessels are made of collagen
I take magnesium for pain
I take coconut oil its great as anti inflammatory and anti bacteria and it builds the immune system
I also drink coconut water when my head is really bad
If you do get the ok from your doctor I suggest added one thing at a time for a week or two to make sure its not having a bad reaction and be sure to get supplements that dont add soy which can screw with your thyroid or gluten
Good luck