just wondering if anyone had heard of the othortics device called walkaide which is a asmall device stapped to the leg that allows a person to walk again without an afo just by sending a small electrical impulse to the muscle in the foot to stimulate it and give it the message to lift when walking so an afo is no longer needed…solving the problem of drop foot a common problem post stroke or brain injury…was just wondering if anyone had heard of it or used one? looking into getting one but they are pricey $6,500 so thought i do a little research first thanks guys…

Maybe you can try one out with a physical therapist? My husband rented one for two months. The therapist’s idea was to use it for retraining and not permanently.

In any case, it seems like a good idea to try before buying. Something about the physiology of his legs meant that it was incredibly hard for the therapist, the company rep, and of course for him to place the electrodes properly, where they could stimulate the right muscles.

Hi Alicia,

Here is their website:


Hope this helps!