Week 125 (for one last time)

About six years ago, I got hooked into reading about a man who had broken up with his loved one. He wrote about it in his weekly columns in an English daily, thinking probably that it would help him out. He even act Cupid to some of his readers who, like him, have been victims of love. This he did for almost two years until he realized one day that he's prolonging his agonies instead. He won't heal because he won't allow let himself to be. Just when he thought he had finally done so, everything flashed back, muddling the line between what he really feels and what he still remembers...

I think I should allow myself to heal first. Sadly, writing about what had happened hadn't ease my pain. I just suceeded in shielding myself.

I am grateful for everyone in this community, though. For the support you gave and for the lessons you shared. I could be signing in again in no time : )

You always amaze me …one of the best parts of you is that you are aware that it is all of the parts that make us whole . Be good to you . Take care of you .