What a beautiful day!

A fun little personal story to share with you…

Wow! Life still plugs along beautifully despite adversity. Today I went with my future parents-in-law and bought my wedding dress! It’s a beautiful and simple (and very reasonable for a student budget) BCBG silk gown and I can’t wait for Ben to see it!

Since the AVM’s discovery, I realized that I wanted a really simple and fun wedding. We will be holding the reception at Ben’s parent’s home in June and will be getting married here in the lovely Canmore mountains. It will be a nice celebration with family and friends…a time to appreciate LIFE! My friends, lets all find happiness in daily life despite the vascular malformations in our otherwise beautiful brains that still work well when you think about it.

Take care

your wedding plans sound absoultley beautiful…may you and Ben share a life full of love happieness…health and joy together…You will be a geourgeous bride…be sure to put all this avm stuff aside for that day and enjoy the most special day of your life…Ben is a very lucky man to have you …love and best wishes alicia xox

Hi Vera,

Thanks for sharing your story. Have a wonderful wedding and married life with Ben.

All the best,


i am so excited for you :slight_smile:

Life always has a way to show us the beauty is never gone just sometimes over looked. Family and friends are what a marriage is all about. I hope you will share some photos from the wedding I would love to see the light beaming from your happiness. Best wishes.