What are the side effects of the steriods they give for headaces from brain swell?

My husband had Gamma Knife on a brain AVM in Dec. 2009. They told us his brain would swell and that was an indication of the treatment working. He has severe headache now and we were told when they get to bad they would put him on steriods. Everyone says the effects of steriods are horrible. Could anyone tell us what these side effects are. He see the Doc Nov 2. We want to be prepared before this visit. Thanks

The only side effect I had was they made me really hungry. Just had to take them for brain swelling after embolization and finished my dose last week.

Thank you Lee Ann. I do hope you are better now. They said it could take 6 to 8 months for his AVM to react to the Gamma Knife. So that is where we are now. What about you?

I am doing good still have more embolizations and radiation to go but keeping strong. After my last embo they are thinking I may have to have one of my aneurysms coiled but taking that as it comes. I had gamma knife a few years ago and it does take time. Was this the first Gamma Knife and will there be more?
Sending all my thoughts and prayers!

Yes this was his first Gamma Knife. He has not worked since he had the Gamma Knife proceeder done. They said it would take 3 years to get rid of the AVM. I don’t know if that means there will be more treatments or not. He is stubborn and says he will not have it again, but I think he will if it is necessary. Thanks for the thoughts and prayers that is what we are going on at this time. I am sending my thoughts and prayers to you as well.

I am sorry he’s suffering from headaches. I’ve been on heavy steroids twice, for complications from embolizations. I did not suffer any terrible side effects from the oral steroids. I was a little careful about what I ate, b/c the injected steroids (while in the hospital) raised my blood sugar. Some people get jazzed up and cannot sleep, but for me, the steroids just meant I didn’t need my usual nap. I still slept through the night fine. I had LINAC in Feb., and was lucky to have headaches for just a few days and did not need steroids then.

There are short term affects and long term effects.
We were told that the most serious long term side effect from steroids was severe osteoporosis of the hips. Our neurosurgeon told us this several times with regards to my son because he wanted to avoid having to use steroids if at all possible. My son had severe brain swelling on the full side of his brain 10 months after Gamma. He was put on extra seizure medication to control the increased seizures but was not put on steroids. Our neurosurgeon told us they would only put him on steroids if the seizures could not be controlled or if he developed brain necrosis, which he did not thankfully. Most of the brain swelling was gone after a year.
Our surgeon also explained that the swelling is caused from the by-product of the breakdown of the AVM from the radiation.
I hope your husband finds out some info tomorrow.

thanks to all for the info. this will be helpful tomorrow.