What day is it?

What day is it? What year is it? Who is the president? I have no memory of being asked these questions in the hospital but my family told me that these questions were part of my daily repertoire and internet research has shown these are typical hospital patient questions. Recently, I read on Facebook another brain injury survivor relayed that when she gets sick, her children start asking her these questions … amusing. I experienced insomnia last night and finally fell asleep on our couch; this morning I spent a little time figuring out the day and date. I have an inexpensive digital clock purchased by my husband after my injury that displays the complete date including day of the week. So, I verified the result of my contemplation and remembered that during the year or so after my brain injury, I could not remember the date or day when I woke up. So, I would try to recall the previous day hoping for any clues. Fortunately, I could look at my clock for the answer. I hope you have a wonderful weekend.

My bride told me it took almost a month at the first hospital to get it right. I can remember being asked these questions at my second hospital, and struggling to answer them. Once I finally got a grasp back on reality I answered the day and year correctly, but threw the nurse for a loop when I said the President was Herbert Hoover. I knew I was on the path to recovery when my sense of humor was returning. :slight_smile:

What are great clock- I could not recall anything other than I was in the hospital Stanford but for some reason I thought I was in Maui it was about month later when I could retain that I had a stroke but it took me almost a year to be able to find the correct words and still 4 years later sometimes cant find the word I tell my husband he is the only one who can figure it out
I still loose time and believe its due to part of my thalmic on the right side dying off due to my massive stroke
I also did gamesforthebrain to help me during my recovery every day

Hi Tim, Thanks for the reply and my family knew I was recovering when I started being sarcastic; I think your returning sense of humor is much more flattering ... lol.

Hi Angela, Thank you for mentioning your own challenges and I can tell that you get it! Yay for your supportive husband and fortunately I have one of those too! Did you read my friend Patti's posting with the article about strokes in the thalamus? I hope you don't have to manage CPS like she does. My best wishes to you, Angela.

Yes I am not sure I have offical CPS but I have head pain every day like a sunburn of pain where you would wear a head band then my left leg hurts every day like I have a massive pulled hamstring. Its also very weak if I had to use on my left leg I could not stand from a sitting position. Also my left shoulder always hurts too. They believe it to be from the death of the right side of the thalamic and so far nothing has stopped it
They said they could put an implant in my brain but it often does not work
My pain neuro keeps changing up my meds but no luck so far
I hope after my next angiogram in May I can concentrate on getting the leg stronger
Yes I did read Pattis posting and I am bringing it with me to my next pain appt which is next week

Angela, thanks for the reply and I'm saddened to read about your pain. I will share with Patti that you will bring the article to your next pain appointment; I know she will be thrilled to hear your plan. I just perused some old entries on this site and remembered that we had corresponded on a prior occasion. Are you still volunteering at the cat shelter? How is your cat? Our 3 cats are fine and definitely provide more purpose in my life. Take good care of you and I will talk to you soon.


Yes I am still volunteering at the cat shelter 2 days a week for 2 to 3 hrs and then I can do more at home with my pc while I am in bed - I update their website, FB, Twitter and Instagram. I help with the events and write letters to try to get funding. Recently their dryers broke so I created a funding via youcaring cause the shelter has no corp or gov help and its 5500 they dont have and we have raised more which is wonderful.
I have 4 cats my oldest Smokey who is a Maine Coon and now 16 has lymphoma he is a trooper but I dont think he has much more time just trying to spend as much time with him as possible and give him love
Even though I have the pain I am glad to be alive and be able to talk etc again.
The article explains my temp changes and once I get cold its so hard for me to warm up and I do notice a prickle feeling when I am laying on my leg. They do botox in my skull every 3 months to help with my head pain which takes off the edge which I am thankful for. Plus most pain meds just make me vomit so I am a fan of ice gel packs and ice cream
Glad your cats are well! They do force us to care for them which is great!
You should follow ninelivesfoundation on facebook we have some cute videos and photos of the cats and successful adoptions!

Angela, Please send me a friend request and we will chat more. Oh, if you prefer, I am on facebook so you can send me a friend request there.

heheheheh this brought a smile to mu face Susan thanks for posting !, The nurses asked me this every few hours after both my bleed and also after my removal surgery, The first few days after the bleed are blurred probably due to the drugs and also the fact I was sleeping most of the time !, But after the removal I was great :) , and I even joked when the nurses came to my room asked my name hospital I was in day/date I would go further and tell them room number and bed position and then say thank you "nurse name" :) , I was in such good spirits that I'd made it and felt great :) which was so not expected. I also did wonder what if you really didn't like politics .. should you still know the politician they ask about ? :) , Anyway thanks for this one :)

Hi Martin, So Scotland hospitals practice this strategy too, huh? If you haven't please read Tim's response which made me laugh and others laughed too when I shared his comment. I hope your family and you are great.

Hi Susan
Reading your post brought back memories when I was in hospital after my seizure. They asked my name, date and address. I got the first two right but had no idea where I lived. It is a shock not remembering, I was very lucky of course as it came back to me in a couple of hours. I was in ICU for a couple of days and they kept the questions up and also pushing and pulling tests with hands and feet and lights in my eyes. Your clock sounds good! I find I think more about things and am happier when I am organised.

Hi Carol and thanks for commenting on my post. Yes, I remember at various follow-up medical appointments, I would have to do the extremity pushing and pulling too. Thanks for jogging my memory! I prefer to be organized so I am grateful for the opportunity to say me too!

heheheh I too laughed at Tim's response :) , The nurses called my wife and explained to her that I was still a little "spaced out" due to the drugs from the surgery after my bleed so being concerned she asked for more info and an explanation, They told her that most people when waking from surgery say things that are a little weird. Then they told her I was asking for a bed bath and she laughed and said nope that's sound normal for Martin :) heheheh I guess I was feeling better at that point :) . After the second surgery I was great and even joked with my wife just after surgery by asking her who she was :) , But when I seen the worried look in her face I knew it was a cruel joke and bad timing :) . We are all doing fine :) Thanks Susan.

Martin, thanks for starting my day with a laugh. So, your wife gives you bed baths ... please don't share that info. with my husband ... lol.

LOL !, unfortunately not Susan, As the old joke goes, "We're married with kids so don't do any of that any more :) heheheheh "

It was because I have a rude sense of humor and my wife knows that only too well along with my friends :) . thankfully I keep it clean on here and FB :)

Speak to you soon :)

Ok stop making me laugh, Martin, and feel free to share your rude sense of humor with me anytime ... lol.