What do you do to keep yourself happy


I was just wondering what many of you do on a day to day basis to keep yourselves in a good mood. As someone who is working on adjustment and depression issues, i am always looking out for new ideas. I am especially interested in things one can do with little mobility and from a wheelchair.


Hi Linda,

Though I'm thankfully up to walking w/a cane now (after time w/rehab relearning to walk), I too have limited mobility issues and can relate w/the depression.

I'm now 10 mos. post-op of deep brain surgery. During 'blue days' or moments, what helps me is: keeping as active as I possibly can within my limits, such as writing e-mails, letters, exercising (there are gentle sit-down exercises available), spending time outside on sunny days, reading a fun novel, etc.

Along w/participating @ AVM Survivor's, if there's a stroke or head injury support group near you that you could possibly attend, I'd encourage you to do so. You'll meet others in person who are or who have been in similar situations.

Take care and know you're not alone,



Hi, I have recently discovered medatation. I am currently working on it everyday, but that helps keep me focused. "Natural Wakefulness: Discovering the wisdom we were born with by Gaylon Fergusen is a treasure of a read. Focusing on mind and body. Being a survivor myself it is especially hard to keep up with everyone. I also eat right in hopes to improve my brain. I hope this helps.


Hi, Linda! What I did to keep myself happy was spend some time outside on a sunny day, and spending time and/or corresponding with family and loved ones. When I was well enough, I did a lot of volunteer work. I hope that helps somewhat.

Take care, Leslye