What do you do: you've ran out of tears, and there is nothing left to say

There is only those knowing it’s brutal realities and you’ve walked out and left because there is nothing left for you. There is no time to play the same old games. You gave away everything you had to give. All you’ve ever asked was to seek the Light, but it’s nothing but Darkness and you just can not watch them wait for their own death…you cannot watch your friends self destroy. You’ve tried so hard to teach I am alive and I want you to live side by side. I can’t take it any more…I don’t want to see you flat on the ground out like a light and your rig on your arm, and your friends are just howling until you I know your drinking your vodka and mouth wash and you just can’t listen about the prices of your favourite pills…I don’t want to hear it any MORE! It hurts to much to watch them walking among the dead. I’ve took so much time so I can resurect and grow…but now…should I try to heal them, even though they are only self-directed masochists? We avm survivors here are seeking only the Light, but I can show the path of Life…

Should I walk away and give up? I say it every day; Failure is NoT an option! Should I watch other fail and slowly poison them selves or is okay to walk away?

It took me so much time re-learn how to live…is it worth my time to try to open the Light?


There is a reason God chose for you to relearn how to live! As hard as it might be, dont give up on your friends! God has something special planned for you as an Avm survivor and this may be it! God be with you and as hard as it might be keep trying. My thoughts and prayers are with you!

Hi Jim. Good friend of mine told me different people have different levels of rock bottom. For example if you and I were riding in the down elevator we might get off on the fifth floor and say we are done with whatver. Other people have to ride that down elevator all the way to the bargain basement. You can be there for your friends when they reach the Bargain Basement.
In the meantime…prayers are always a good thing!

Tough question, my friend.

I remember a homily given by a priest a a Catholic Church I attended a number of years ago. He described God as a parent looking down feeling sad that her children are doing things that are bod for them, but there was nothing He could do to stop these things.

But He is still there when there comes a time when someone's life gets so bad that they are ready to turn to Him for His help.

I feel you have been called to do what you're doing even though it is hard.

The other thing I would consider is why the people you encounter are destroying themselves little by little. If you can help them get past the pain that drives their self-destructive behavior, they have a better chance of feeling good about life and themselves and not want to engage in activities that hurt them.

Best wishes,

I read your words and it made me smile with a tear in my eye. It counds as though you walk the same path I walked. I had to realize that the strength I was giving another was wasted on one who did not appreciate life like I do. I had to give that healing love to me as they couldn't.
I am sorry for this turmoil in your life, I know it well.

God has a plan for everyone and everyday to your breathing is a good day in my books...cause after that you have reached the end of the line and there is nothing else. Be strong, positive and keep your faith in God. God bless


I had no idea you wrote this. Let me say something here. While everyone has their own unique journey, some are stronger than others. They turn to things like alcohol and/or drugs to get them thru when they are down and then do what they know when encountered with another problem or even a made up problem. I know it's a generalization but I've seen and experienced it personally.

I know how much you want to help them and others to see the light and not fall into the darkness. That is so honorable. But don’t take on more than you can chew. Your example serves as the light and they are watching. It’s painful to watch those you love or care about do self-destructive things. I’m not saying it isn’t. But keep fighting the good fight, take care of yourself and keep helping others that truly want to help themselves. The others will follow in their own time. That’s my thought anyway. :) Hope you’re feeling well.

Sounds like you are not only taking care of yourself but others too. You go Jim! I know it can be a "drain" sometimes but you are awesome and have everyone on this site to lean on in those times. (Me too!) Oh excuse me... Swami sir. :)

You are already making changes. Good luck on Saturday Sir....um Swami. :)