What now?

I have had an embolization and a scelerotherapy done. They got the entire AVM but it came back right after my twins were born. So now I have constant pain and two babies. How many times should I go thr
ough the same treatment done? I am frustrated at a time I should be thankful!

Hi Leslie,

Great question, and one you probably should ask your team of DRs..... I can certainly understand your frustration!

AVMs are nasty in that they often don't follow a prescribed course--or it differs from the course we would prefer.

This time of year, I often have trouble getting in the holiday spirit. Last year, and again this year, I volunteered at Operation Holiday. I worked my arsh off for the past two week. Walked so much collecting/sorting/boxing food, I got blisters on my feet. But seeing the people that OH helps, really gets me in better spirits.

Best wishes,
Ron, KS