What should I expect?

I am a week away (just about) from my first visit with my neurosurgeon. I have my films, my CAT Scan and another MRI on CD, is there anything else I should bring? What can I expect him to do/say as I have not had a bleed (well, as far as I know, though the ER doc last nite kind of hinted at a previous one?). Anyone have any tips?

I would bring paper and a pen. Write down questions you want to ask ahead of time–it is easy to forget what you wanted to ask if you don’t, especially if the doctor is rushed, or you are upset. Also, write down the answers for the same reasons. I went to a lot of appointments that were a total blur, and when people asked me afterward what the doctor had said, I had no idea. I would expect the doctor will do the “neuro exam” where they check your reflexes and push on your arms and legs (you have probably done this before) just to see if there are any weaknesses in your limbs. He/she will probably look over your films with you, and talk to you about the size and location of the AVM along with treatment options. He/she might also order an angiogram, which would be scheduled for another date at the hospital. Good luck, and don’t be bashful about asking for pain relief.

Keep a journal going of everything thatt your feeling, Jo. I do this because I’m always forgetting to tell my doctor things Like Marilyn said, write down all the questions that you want to ask the neurologist in this book as well, leaving space for the an swers. Also write down you’re experience this week and your trip to the E.R. Write down all meixations that you are on including mg and dosage. This is very important! This is how I keep track of all my changes in med ications and any adverse reactions I have to them. This Journal will become an invaluable tool for you!

Jo: Don’t wait to long. I didn’t know I had my AVM until my Bleed and “shift” which left me with poor periferial Vision. But I am lucky. The emergency is what you need to avoid. God Bless you,
zmike O