What to expect after first embolization

Hi all

Im am due for my first embolization in september and was just wondering what to expect and what the recovery period is and what side effects there are like head aches and how long they usually last as i suffer with severe migraines as it is and was told that after the embolization i could suffer with them more, so i was wondering whether anyone is going through this?

Thanks x

I def had bad headaches after the procedure. I also for whatever reason vomited a few times after the procedure ( for 2 days it happened). The sucky part is having to lay there and not move your leg and just sitting there in pain and cant get comfortable. I had this star thing put in my leg can’t remember what exactly it was but it hurt to get put in then after that i didn’t feel anything. My leg was sore for a few days but that is to be expected when you have something done lol. If you have had an angio done it is pretty similar to that. Best of luck to you hope this didn’t scare you. Remember you might not have any problems or side effects :slight_smile: Hope to hear how it went once your home.

Thank you andrea this has helped and has not scared me, think im quite tough lol.

Will let you know how i get on!

Yes the headaches are nasty! I think I had a harder time with the embo than I did my crainiotomy. Any kind of light made my head feel like it was going to pop! I was just so icky feeling. It took me a good 4 weeks to really feel ok after. Yes it took me much longer to be as active or back to myself with surgery, but the initial feeling was worse. I wish you all the luck in the world and remember the pain is only temporary and the freedom from the time bomb is a lifetime.

The headaches can be bad, when you wake up, and you normally have to stay in ICU, where they can monitor you for the next 24hours after the procedure, I spent about a week in hospital after my 1st two, after my last 3 I have been home within 3days. The headaches can be bad, and the vomiting for me is always as soon as I wake up, but I have been told this is because of the Anesthesia and also the blood flow in your head changing internally which can cause it, but you will be fine I am sure. My last few procedures have lasted upto 8 hours, but every case vaires. Also my hair has fallen out after each procedure this is due to the constant radiation from the X-ray machine we are under, which helps them guide and see ehat they are doing. My hair normally grows back within a month or 2. I was freaked out the 1st time as nobody warned me about this. Other than that good Luck.

Thanks all you have all really helped me, at least now i have some expectation of what is to come, i no we are all different and but now i have an idea.

Thank you x