What to Expect

Hi all,

I am new to the group. My 13 year old daughter has an avm in her rt thigh.(See my profile for details.) We are scheduled to have an mri and consult with Dr. Yakes and his team on November 2nd. Her procedure is scheduled for 11/23. I would love to know what to expect from both of these days (especially if you’ve been treated by Dr. Yakes). Thanks so much!

Hi! I can only respond as the mother of a teenager with an AVM. Hers is in her brain, so not the same scenario. Know there are many here who care. I hope someone else can help you with info on AVM’s in extremeties. Look in the “groups” section of this site and there may be a group there having experience they can share with you. You might also want to search in the list of members narrowing down by those in your state. There may be someone familiar with your doctor. Best of luck in the upcoming weeks.

My son (13) had an AVM in his right lung coiled. It was about 3.5 hours to insert the 14 coils, and they went in through his groin. In all, he had no major pain at all and was released the next day. He has not had an issue since the coil procedure, and has been taking coumadin to prevent any risk of clotting while the AVM shrinks.

I was sitting with him when he cut himself a few weeks ago, and he bled a little bit more than usual, but there wasn’t and real panic. We stopped his bleeding with usual methods and put a bandaid on it. He healed just fine.

Good luck with your procedure.