What type of seizure?

I was just wondering how many people around here have seizures? I aparently have been having partial simple sensory seizures. I can’t complain, I know some of you have worse. Yesterday I had one that lasted a bit longer and made me feel worse. Then all of a sudden it was gone and I was fine, just exhausted and thirsty.

I have partial simple seizures…leg jerks, facial twitches once in a while,stuff like that. Everytime I have an EEG, though, nothing happens!

I have multiple types of seizures: partial simple seizures,complex partial seizure petit mal and grand mal seizures. My EEG does show epilepsy along with having the AVM. Right now they seem to be controlled being on three different seizure medications and resigning my job giving me the relief of heavy stress. The problem with taking so many is it is a little hard to function during the day. From my experience any seizure I had made me feel exhausted. Believe it or not I know when one is going to hit me.

I have had several grand mal seizures in my life, but luckiily they have been 100% under control with medication. I did, however, just discover that I have also been having partial seizures for probably my whole life and never realized it. My neuro saw them show up on my 24 hour EEG. I’m still learning quite a bit about them though.