When Encouragement is Needed

It was more than twelve years ago and I was in the hospital after barely
surviving a major cerebral bleed from a burst AVM. At first I had amnesia
but knew full well that I would probably not make it. I remember being in that
hospital after my amnesia was starting to moderate and wishing that it were
possible to live for another five years, as long as I could get my job back and
also my driver's license.

My wife looked on a website, although I don't think it was this one, and tried
to find an account of a patient, like myself, that had survived something
close to what I had and had in the end completely recovered. She could not find
any, but she still would not give the doctor permission to let me die there.
Of course, I did recover in time, and lived longer than the five years I wanted, and am still doing OK. It can happen and I am not at all the only one!
This is why I try to tell of my successes to encourage all the patients to
keep trying!!! Things can get better.

I am really enjoying your discussions, John P. :)

Hi John, thanks for posting this discussion and I continue to be encouraged by your postings. My 1st AVM burst almost 3 years ago and I was told by several friends and finally my brain comprehended last summer the messages from my friends. For, in May of 2011, my husband was told by hospital personnel to accept that I was going to die but he refused. So, my husband would massage my muscles and I'm glad he did for I need those muscles now! I feel like I've been given a second chance and I'm determined to appreciate this gift of life. John, I wish your family and you the best and I'll watch for your discussion postings.

Hi John...congrats on your recovery & really nice to know how it feels when u get back that driver's licence. I too am still struggling 13 yrs since my Right frontal AVM surgery & have recovered 75%.

Thanks for sharing your story.

Bangalore India.

Hi Santhosh,

Thank you and my wish for you is for 100% recovery.
You certainly write well! My late father served in
India in the US army in WWII, and was a support officer.

Maryland, USA

Thank you John...nice to know about the India connect :)

Positive thinking is powerful stuff, John. Thanks for sharing your story!