Where is the speech area?

My son talks really loud. I’m always seem to be talling him to talk quietly. His avm was on his vein of galen(head) & his anuerysm was at the back of his head and pressed on his brainstem and where his csf circulated.

Hello Erin. I’m not too sure about this one I’m afraid. My AVM were in the left temporal and posterior frontal lobes, which means that I had to re-learn how to talk, read, write etc and memory loss. My voice is lower that before and I can’t yell anymore (that can only be good)! Someone on this site will be able to help you I know, it’s a wonderful site with helpful and supporting survivors who really do care and understand each other.

All the very best to your son and your family, Lesley.

Speech area : broca and wernickle
please check the uploaded diagram.
451-BrocaWernickle.png (4.82 KB)

Generally on the left side of the brain (diagram above) but people can vary in how their neurons connect, especially if there is a malformation/injury the brain can compensate and things might be rearranged a little bit. Your nephew might have problems with his hearing maybe? That could be why he speaks so loudly. Also, his perception such as hearing or processing sounds could have been affected. Or perhaps the actual muscles he uses to speak/volume control could be affected by the AVM.

Finally able to see diagram on phone. My son’s avm/aneurysm/bleed affected both of those areas. The only non-squished area was the right front of his brain from behind the eye to the about 1behind his hairline and from nose to about halfway to his ear. I’ll have to take him to our ear doctor to double check his ears though. He might’ve lost some hearing from all the pressue problems.

I have suffered from a posterior fossa vein of galen AVM. I often don't have control over my speech volumn. Many decades passed with the condition being inoperable. After suffering over a dozen hemorrhages, 38 years later, the AVM bled again and in a miraculous surgery was removed. I first had embolization and immediately after that my speech was the best it had ever been. It lasted only a few hours and nausea led to my head shaking and my speech went back to original status. I know it sounds hard to believe, but I know, trust me. Those were the best four hours of my life. Even post craniotomy my volumne goes up and down. Sorry..