Who are you happy for?

"Find the blessings in the people around you because they’re the ones that support your life." -Dr. Oz

I'm not too big on doctors, but Dr. Oz is different. Who are you grateful for and why?

Ben Munoz and his friends for starting this site! I believe it has helped a lot of people!!!

I am grateful for God giving my surgeon the skill to save my life.
I am grateful for my family, my therapists and especially for Ben who started this site. AVM Survivors Network is my life-line. Here, I have met amazing inspirational people and made some very "special" friends.

I was going to type who I'm grateful for then I read Lesley's post. Umm...ditto. :) (Thank you Lesley).

Jesus, my Lord and Shepard
Ben, our hero!
Thanks to both of them for bravery and leadership