Who else has been given a second chance?

After my avm operation, as I am a high functioning survivor I went back to normal life. This obviously was not conducive and a total disaster. I tried to work full-time, then part-time. Because I am high functioning and not in a wheel chair it was harder for people to understand my invisible disability. I got a degree and carried on until I hit a point where something had to give. Instead of having one 'proper' job (like what 'normal' people have) I am now blessed to have three little jobs where I am able to dip in and out as needed.

It took just one very special person to believe in me (after all the failures, misunderstandings and labelling by other people). In this job I am challenged and able to use my skills. This person, who knows and understands me has changed my life, he knows how grateful I am to him. He has given me belief in myself and that has fed into other areas of my life. I am doing more than I ever did but still managing to keep afloat. Yes I still get tired, but I am not beating myself up or trying to do the impossible any more.

I had to change my life. Something had to give. I could not have it all or do it all. It took a long time to learn that.

I am posting this in the hope that it will help others.

Does anyone have a similar experience?


Hi James - where is that magic wand when you neeed it? =)

I think that anyone who has been through surgery, etc. and lived has a second-chance. My main problem with being a recovering-perfectionist is that I sometimes get paralyzed by analysis. I tend to think about what to do too much - instead of just doing it and screwing up.

I have a more visible disability for now - not sure how long this will last since some doctors told me that I was very limited with walking, etc., and I sometimes get pissed that I can't even carry a drink or two to the table and instead have to eat at the kitchen counter, but I try to remind myself of all that I still have and what I can still do and for my second chance.

Now, if I could just get my magic wand to work.

btw - I dispise labels.

oops - flower, not James

Thanks for posting this Flower. I got my degree after my surgery and tried to back to work and my "normal" life before the AVM. Um... that didn't work. The working thing that is. Funny, I was very recently told I was an "over-achiever" (whatever that means) by a very well-meaning person. Not really. Just a survivor refusing to give up and looking at all my options. A lot of members have very trying circumstances so I am very grateful for my good fortune but one thing is obvious. Each situation is unique and each is on their own journey. Commonalities? Well we have this monster as one but the real commonality is how we choose to deal with our circumstance. I choose to be as positive as possible. Hope you do too. :) Thanks again for posting this flower. It brings not only much needed perspective to members but also hope. Good for you! Hope everyone reading this is feeling well.