Who had hyberbaric treatment

I was just wondering who all had hyperbaric treatment after their AVM ruptures and if you found it as helpful as we did. Marisa did have to learn everything all over again, but from what I have read on this site and others, we have been blessed with the outcome. To see her from the outside, you would never know anything happened to her, except for a little balance problems. On the inside she still has some memory problems, and problems with numbers. Besides all the prayers we received at the time, I really think that the hyperbaric treatments really were a godsend and thankful she was approved to have them.

Hi Cindy
I’ve didn’t have hyperbaric treatment but i know what your saying about looking normal on the outside, I always feel like such a fraud sometimes

Hi Cindy,

I just completed 8 weeks of HBOT for non healing wounds associated with my AVM. A little different than what Marisa went for, but still I’m a firm believer in the benefits of Hyperbaric Oxygen!

I’ve had tissue necrosis on my lip and inside my mouth due to my facial AVM “stealing” the regular blood flow from the area. It was getting pretty bad and I was having arterial bleeding from the wound. (Like really bad horror movie bleeds.) My insurance denied my claims and I have had to pay the $1200/week out of pocket for the treatment. Expensive, but well worth it. My wounds are definately healing and I’m feeling much better. I’m working on my appeal for the insurance still and hope to eventually get reimbursed.

I’m glad to hear that it worked for Marisa as well.