Whose AVM is treated by just Embolization?

Dear Members
Members story review show that most of the cured AVMs are treated by SURGERY or EMBOLIZATION FOLLOWED BY SURGERY OR RADIOSURGERY.
I want to know about the people whose AVMs is treated by just EMBOLIZATION.

Hi Alireza
I was lucky and only had 1 embolization, my bleed was in oct 07 i had embo them 2 follow up appointments which were angiograms 6 months apart I recieved a letter from the hospital almost a year after my bleed giving me the all clear and now i don’t have to every go back to hospital because of my avm.

Hi Amanda
But as far as I know, your AVM was treated 90% not all and 19/6 and 20/6 you were going for Angio not Embolization.
Did your doctor embolized remaining 10% on 20/6?

Hi Alireza
I had the embo in Oct 07, the following two to appss for angiograma where to double check they had got it 100%
I got a letter from hospital confirming that I never have to go back as the two angio’s confirmed that my avm is gone, thank goodness