Why are children so hurtful?

I couldnt babysit in the weekend because I was having too many seizures, so my husband made the decision to tell my son that we couldnt look after the kids for the night. He didnt speak to me about it…he forgets I still have a mind of my own! Now my 29yo son isnt speaking to me. Is he not old enough to understand that I cant always be there for them when they want me to? I dont ask to be sick! I dont ask to have an AVM or epilepsy, but I do, and they need to deal with it. I wish my husband would stop treating me like a child, telling me what to think, how I should feel. And now I am so hurt that my son is treating me like this. I’m trying my best…what more can I do?

Dealing with my children post-AVM has been the hardest obstacle Hands-Down! Since the “accident” as my husband refers to the rupture. My guess is that it is because i too have become like a child again My body doesn’t work right, and my brain is starting all over. So my guess is that since I feel like a child, it is hard for a child to parent is the explanation I think as long as we try our best we will grow through this. I pray i too hate being treated like a child, how are we supposed to make our own way if everyone keeps treating us like children? I need someone around to lift me up not push me down! I was blunt with my oldest son i said "Hey, do this, such and such is what I need to do to get better, Please , please help me. Send him an email of what you need. Email is my 1st choice of communication with males at this point! Good Luck

Thanks Nicole. I will try to email him because we cant seem to talk. I know what you mean about needing someone to lift you up…my husband always says he is trying to encourage me, but its more like a parent/child talk, and I feel like I’m getting pushed down. But then at times I find its easier to let him make all the decisions, something I have to stop doing if I want to feel stronger.

Maria it is a hard balance we have to find. That place between not wanting to be treated like children and still needing help with so many things. I totally understand how you feel. When I was in the hospital my husband would call me “kid” whenever he came to see me. I found it wonderully endearing then, now not so much. My kids are still young enough that they don’t treat me that way as often, but at times they do too. Especially if I fall down or something. I think all we can do it tell our loved ones how we feel. That we are not children but yes, we have our limitations and we still need a lot of help. We just don’t want to be talked down to.

Thats so true Trish. It is a hard balance to find. I dont want to be treated like a child, but on the other hand I also need alot of help. I am just so hurt at the moment that my son is not understanding that I cant always be there for him. If I could, I would. I really thought that he would understand that if I was having seizures, I wouldnt be able to look after my grandchildren. I didnt expect him to stop speaking to me and even have a moan on Facebook about it. I feel really betrayed.