Why doctors are a pain sometimes

i feel frustrated that my radiologist won't even think about the chance that my recent hair loss (i look a little like skrillex) is due to gamma knife treatment. it was full before. now about 25% full on that one side directly in the area where the avm is located. this could also be due to my seizure medication but c'mon he could at least indulge me in the fact that the treatment may/could have/it's possible have caused it. not like i can go back and undo the treatment. not like this hair loss is that important in comparison to getting rid of this unwanted brain roommate of mine. just a little frustrating. now i really do have a grumpy face. :(

Areli, I found a previous discussion regarding hair loss after radiation.


It is from the radiation. I had a 4-5 inch bald spot. It grew back though. First treatment was angled in the back of my head. Didn't realize that that hear had fell out. Just thought my hair was parting funny. So u can imagine my reaction when that bald spot shouldn't up over one weekend. Came out in handfuls. Mine is in the left frontal. Big. That's why they did the staged treatment. It is still way shorter than the rest of my hair. But it has been over a year since the last treatment. So I got a good six inches back.