Why me? If you've ever asked yourself this then you may want to read this

Why me? That is a question asked by many when they are in difficult situations. That is what I thought today and with in a breath I thought…Would I want this for someone else? I am in hospice and praying for another day. I guess if someone has to do it then why not me. I feel awful almost all of the time, and I guess this is where people have to decide do I lay down and give up or do I get up and fight like…well you get the point! I decided to get up and help others not just with problems like mine but with anything. It’s not why me it’s what can I do. I can do my best to make sure no one has to feel like that. If I can change someones life by giving them a smile, or a favor, or even how I raise my own children to be. That’s my mark in life, and that will be here for an enternity.~Jessie

Atta boy Jessie,…

I am damn proud of you, and your attitude on life,…

Go git em’…RHKA,…!!

“You are,…What you do,…When it counts”

I admire your courage and ability to express to us your feelings.

God Bless,