Wierd crawling sensation

One of my syptoms is the scalp crawling wiggling sensation. But this morning it is particularly weird. I now have them on the scalp part around both ears and they are actually making my glasses move. Very distracting. Anyone else had this?

Dear John,

Gosh, have that checked out. From 03’ to present have a very sedative top scalp, asked doc. about it, he didn’t have a answer.
Hope it’s not to damaging, and hope it passes soon.

when my am was active i used to suffer with alots of crwling sensations throughout my body…i used to feel as though i had bugs and all wierd things crawling through my viens and my brain…even got to the stage where my skin would moe over my body and face when i was having the sensations…they were actually siezures …are you on siezure meds it may be worth talking to your neuro about this…unfortunatly…mine couldnt be controlled by meds …it wasnt untill it was removed that i was finally relieved from that horrible feeling…i empathise with you and i hope it can be controlled…best of luck hang in there and stay strong

John, I’ve had a bleed and a craini and am now AVM free (or so I’m told). I get the exact same sensations you describe and it makes me insane sometimes! I find that it usually only occurs when it’s cloudy or raining. Weird, I know, but doctors don’t think I’ve lost my mind. True, I suppose, but only a little bit of it! It is very distracting though, I know!


Yes I am on Lamictol and it has seemed to stop some of them, but when I am tired they start up again. I go for my Gamma Knife on Friday so hopefully they will go away soon. I asked my family doctor once about them while I was having a routine check up. He said I was imagining them as an AVM is inside you skull and cant move anything. I took hold of his hand and put it on my left temple. He freaked.

I felt like a night crawler in my head. LOL Its a very strange and scary feeling. I have alot of seizures from my right eye, but have no idea if it has anything to do with the AVM