Wikipedia Silliness

After noticing that the number of people joining in May was a lot lower than those joining in March and April, I looked into our link on the AVM page on wikipedia.

Someone has been removing it, citing that it violates wikipedia policy. Since most people who joined before April found this site on wikipedia, I’m working on fixing this.

Just an FYI in case anyone was curious…

That’s right, I forgot. Do you remember the URL?


EXACTLY, what is the policy? I think someone close to me can make a pretty good case for our site.

Regis =/

I also come to this site cause of your post on the NAAVM website…

The policy summary is “Wikipedia’s external links policy and the specific guidelines for medicine-related articles do not permit the inclusion of external links to non-encyclopedic material, particularly including internet chat boards and e-mail discussion groups.”

I agree completely with you, but the editors seem like real sticklers for their interpretation of the rules and revert any changes I make, even with an explanation. Being a former IT guy myself, I know it’s pointless to argue. It’s their playground and they defend it fiercely.

I’m working on a workaround - getting listed on first then linking to

:slight_smile: I have been posting the web address where ever i can on facebook