Will it ever end?

It has been over a year since my initial bleed. I am still dealing with daily headaches, nausea, vision problems and dizziness. I had unsuccessful embolization surgery in Sept 2014, and gamma knife in Dec 2014. Just wondering if anyone else still has daily difficulties? Will this ever improve?

Hi Angelmouse I can only comment on my own life, Things do get better :) , Its a long road but just set very small goals and you will see them achieved :) , I had a bleed Dec 31st 2013 and I still have almost a constant headache :( , But things are going in the right direction, I'm now on meds and seeing a headache specialist, Some days I feel like my headaches are gone :) , But then later it might come back :( , Learn about triggers and what helps, Relax as much as possible and always get loads of sleep :) , I find these help me. Lastly always stay positive :) , Things will get better, just takes time :) , Take care


I'm right there with you- I wonder the same thing all the time. I had my bleed in August last year and cyber knife 1 1/2 months ago. I still get all the symptoms you listed above all the time. It's sometimes discouraging because I can go a week feeling great, but then the next week I'm back to staying in bed all the time feeling crappy. I think the worst part of an AVM is the patience it requires! These things heal slower than it takes to grow a whole baby! What the crap! I've just learned to measure my progress in different ways. I have made very little physical progress, but I look at how much I've grown emotionally and spiritually and it's amazing and it's what keeps me going. I'm glad there are members here that have been able to improve and heal physically. They give me hope that there is a light at the end of the tunnel. I hope we can get to that point someday! Hugs!

I had Radiation May 7 2015 and taking steroids 1/2 tablet every other day now. Day that I don’t take 1/2 tablet headaches are back and I have a horrible day. Know I need to get off steroids have leg swelling by knee in one leg and vision problems. Can’t have eyes checked for 4 weeks after I am off steroids. Keep hearing things will get better but some days are really tough. My AVM is in the cerebellum to deep for surgery. My doctor is scheduling a MRI next week since I still have headaches originally MRI was going to be in 4 to 6 months. On top of all this having thin needle aspiration thyroid to check for thyroid cancer. This is long but needed to vent some times this last year just doesn’t make sense. Praying every one is well and healthy soon.