Will we always be wondering

Recently diagonsed with an avm in the front right of my brain. Since the bleed I have had a headache nothing too bad but it is always here. Some days its worse than others. I'm always wondering when the headache gets bad if I need to go to the hospital or not. I'm scared and just need to know that what I'm feeling is ok

Hi Jennifer. Headaches are quite common with members on here. Living with an AVM can be quite nerve wracking. Once you have determined a course of action to obliterate it…I think you will feel much calmer! Please keep us informed!

I do get headaches slight nothing out of the world. Since my craniotomy 4/09...My neurologist said that not to let my Blood pressure get high or elevated.....Thats what cause me the strong headaches and the avm to bleed plus he said that I can take tylenol....Of course I take all this in consideration But if I feel the strong headaches that happen to my the first time, I would to go the hospital...Well thats my case, You should talk to your doctor and explained your concerns Even if you only getting your follow ups every 3 mos or 6 mos like me... It can be stressful to think about it...Good luck my friend and TAke care of yourself...God bless....

Hi Jennifer..When is your next appt with your doctor? Perhaps you should call your doctor and tell him about the headackes you are having, so he is aware. Like Barbara said, even the people who's AVM's are no longer there, they still have headaches. Keep the Faith!

Jennifer, I too suffered from headaches almost everyday since my first bleed. They usually do not last all day and sometimes I just refer to them as pressure or weird sensations. Of course, some days are always better than others. My doctor has told me that this would happen and not to return before my 8 weeks checkup unless I had a terrible headache like the one I had with the bleed or new symptoms. Everyone is unique as are our symptoms and treatment. If you are ever in any doubt, call your doctor and talk with them over the phone. You need that medical support and assistance also to do what is right for your peace of mind and your health:)

Hi Jennifer!! I think it is very normal to wonder and feel scared after being diagnosed. I have gotten used to having a headache pretty much all the time and the only thing I have to determine if it is "abnormal" is the presence of other symptoms. I know when I had my bleed in 2000 I was very dizzy, very sick and very sleepy. I would call your doctor and ask what specific symptoms should cause alarm. It is okay to ask for clarification or even ask the same questions over and over. Let's face it...this is a kind of overwhelming piece of news to digest so it takes a while to wrap your mind around the information. It's okay to feel scared-I think the trick is to not live scared. Hoping the best for you!!!

Hi Jennifer, I understand your anxiety. It is a scary process that we are in. Usually a hemorrhage is followed by severe headaches, visual disturbances (an aura), nausea, vomiting and sometimes seizures. It is definitely best to discuss the signs and symptoms of when to see your doctor with a neurologist or neurosurgeon. What you are feeling is okay. I too, have an untreated AVM, so at times I feel scared and alone but since joining this site, I feel good to have support from others going through the same thing. I'll be praying about you!