Worried mom

My 17 year old was just dignosed with having avm in his right temporal area it started off with bad headaches n now he is having siezures. I was told that he has had a bleed. He is being sent to UC Davis in California where we live for further tx. My mother and I both have left temporal epilepsy mine didnt start to happen till i was 31 n my mom has had it since birth. I want to help my boy any way I can so your stories experiences plz share them with me im trying to understand avm thank you

Dear Sarah,
Sad days, I felt when my mom, aunt,cousin, did not survived.
These sad days were replaced with happy days, when me and my sister survived.
You are doin everything possible to help your son, hang in there, be patient, be strong(as a song goes: THE strong will survive). I have heard the name Sarah in a couple of songs ( good,strong positive words). made me feel good, I think thats why Sarah is my favorite name.
My prayer for you and son

thank you very much for your kindness these have been trying times i just hate seeing my boy go through this it breaks my heart.

Looking on the bright side, he is in the right place for treatment.
Good luck

I’m sure UC Davis is a fine place. I do know that Stanford has an excellent facility and the several times we’ve been there for treatment, you see people from all over the WORLD there to treat difficult cases. I would not hesitate to contact their neurology dept. They have seen it all! Was headed by Drs. Marks and Steinberg–Great People.

We made about 8-10 trips from KS there for treatment.

Best Wishes,
Ron, KS