Worried / Scaried

Sorry haven’t been on for a while, Have missed everyone on here alot, have been feeling a lillte lost. For the past month month in a half have been experiencing more pain in my head loss of feeling on the left side of my face, and insomnia. THe pain is 10 worse then before my surgery. Have gone and seen my neurologist and have to have another MRI done on wed. NOV. 3. I am very scared they think i might have a blood clot or developed another AVM or something else might be going on. I just dont know what to do. I have had difficulty with my speech and balance amongst other things. IF they find nothing they want to do a temporal nerve block for the pain Has any one ever had that done. just the sound of it doesnt sound good. I just startd back to school this sem. trying to make my self feel normal again, which has helped much since i dont feel the same as i was before the surgery! I just don’t know what to do. trying to take it one day at a tiem but i am freaking out.

Just did a search on the words nerve block for you…
I am so sorry you are experiencing pain.

Thnk possitive. Maybe it’s nothing. Wait and see what happens. I went thru the same thing and it was nothing but stress.

Hi Tonna, I’ll surely be thinking of you this week. Sometimes the not knowing is worse than what you learn. Best wishes.