Would like to start a local awareness event... anyone have tips?

Perhaps I’m biting off more than I can chew here… but I’d really be interested in starting an event in my area to raise awareness and fundraise for research into AVMs and related disorders. Be it a walk or a gathering or a… something. The only event to go on recently was an Epilepsy Stroll which I didn’t even hear about until after it happened, wasn’t very publisized, and happened inside a local mall. We do have some major ‘walks’ and ‘races’ go on here in town though and I’d love to see something happen.
I am not sure the route to take to get this ball rolling or all the legal issues regarding collecting money for a non-profit. I do have marketing background and the like. Does anyone have experience with anything like this and could give me a couple general tips on where to begin.

Maybe you should talk to the person who started the AVM walk in San Francisco. I’m not sure who start it,
I haven’t checked out the site because it’s too far.


Hi Beth! That is great that you are thinking about this. I will be starting an awareness walk in PA in 2010 and I know several other people are thinking about doing the same in thier home town.

Please check out this link as it is the first place to start! Good luck!


This is a great idea. You don’t have to start a non-profit to raise money for a non-profit. Ask the folks at the Aneurysm Foundation to help get you started.