Yakes embo #19 down

Hey everyone-

Just got back home today from embo #19 with Yakes. This was a great trip overall. My big sis flew in from Washington to be my babysitter for the week. While I didn’t feel well enough to do a bunch of fun stuff, it was still great to spend time with her. We don’t see each other nearly as often as we would like.

Got to meet another Yakes patient, Chris, whom I met online on FB. He has a VM in his leg and doubles up on treatments each trip. So we stopped by Wed night (after his second embo for the week) to say hello and sneak in some chocolate chip cookies!

The next day was my treatment day and it went well. I had my new gown, and also brought fun caps for all the patients in for the day. There were two little girls (our own little Brooke, and a cute little Caroline.) Both of the girls are 10 and had a great time getting to meet. There was also one other woman in for the day, but I didn't actually get to meet her! She was getting wheeled off to radiology while I was getting all hooked up! But Derek (one of the nurse helpers) ran it down to her so that she would still get it.

I was last in for the day, but with only 4 of us, it wasn't too long of a wait. After treatment I was pretty swollen and in more pain that usual. I think it was the 7 coils he stuffed up there and not so much the 15cc's of alcohol. I'm still a little sore but feels more just like bruising and "tired" muscles, maybe?

So that is the quick update. It was great to meet some new friends this trip, and I still feel very confident with the path I am on. So back next month for #20. Not sure who my traveling partner will be. Maybe my dad. He hasn’t had to play nurse yet with these trips. Although he may just try to feed me cereal or Bologna sandwiches (I’m vegetarian!!!)

hope youre feeling better…and happy to hear all went well…sounds like it was a fun day despite the treatment…love the new gown…hold strong to that confident feeling …i too have a very positive feeling that you will make it through this journey…sending lots of positive energies your way…looking forward to update number 20 xxx

There you are-stylin as usual…and the following is growing . Look out Channel the new classic has arrived !

Hey ladies! Thanks for the comments.
Alicia- it was fun both days when I got to hang out with other patients. That is always the highlights of the trips. Making those connections and seeing people start to interact and share their stories…it’s great!
Marianne- ha ha…Channel…We can only dream of that. :slight_smile:
Barb- I didn’t start gowns until earlier this year. I would say only the past 7 or so have had the fun outfits. But I don’t plan on ever going back to the hospital issued ones. They are so boring in comparison. And yes, isn’t little Brooke just gorgeous??? Caroline is just as beautiful but I didn’t manage to get a picture with her. Next time I’ll try. She was in the same time as me in August and I think we are on schedule again for Oct…we will see.
And it was great to spend time with my sister. A good excuse to make a girls date!

We hope things go well for you! Our prayers are with you!

Hi, Shalon- you must’ve set some record by now, although I am sure its not one you wanted to do! Sending lots of positive thoughts your way.

Shalon, What a neat gift to give a hat! The hat you made for Arie helped her not have hot flashes as she woke up. She gets so hot during her treatments, then spends waking up just getting hotter. You are such an amazing lady! Glad you can see out of your eye today, hope the swelling goes down quickly this time! :slight_smile: