1 week post-crainiotomy on Incidental AVM

Today has been one week since my crainiotomy to remove an unruptured AVM on my left frontal lobe.
My AVM was “incidental” as I found it as a result of a blood pressure meds change making me feel like I was going to pass out several times. Hospital ER did CT Scan then MRI which identified the AVM. My AVM is rated at a “1”.
I attended consultations at Northwestern Hospital in Chicago and The Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN. The options given to me were: do nothing, surgical resection or the Gamma Knife. After much thought and prayer, I scheduled the surgery at the Mayo Clinic. I made this decision with the knowledge of the ARUBA Study, deciding that the risk was low enough to justify having surgery in a planned environment, with the doctor I choose, rather than risk a trauma surgery at who-knows-where.
My surgery went good, although not as curative as I had hoped. The AVM is located on my left frontal lobe, right on the fissure. Because of that, they were unable to get the entire AVM out. I have a small part remaining.
I plan to return to the Mayo Clinic after the holidays to consult with the doctor who does the Gamma Knife.
I cannot say enough good things about the Mayo Clinic. I chose them because they are the #1 ranked Neuroscience Department in the US and they didn’t disappoint!
I was very surprised at the low amount of pain after the surgery. I’ve had other surgeries before and this was much less pain. I was in ICU for less than 24 hours, then a regular room for a day, then discharged. Amazing. Glad its over though! I just wanted to share my perspective as I hadn’t read a lot for folks with unruptured AVMS who were having surgery. I’m glad I did it!


Cindy, Fantastic post, Thanks for sharing you good news :slight_smile: , I have over the years only read wonderful things of the Mayo Clinic also. :slight_smile: . Thanks again