1000 to 1 : The Cory Weissman story

Very inspiring movie. I really enjoyed watching it. Made me realize how truly blessed I am for not having had a rupture. Made me feel guilty for feeling sorry for myself because I have seizures and had my hair come out in a patch with radiation treatment. Definitely could have been much worse for me. I have the greatest respect for anyone who has come through a stroke and kept on going. No matter what.

Hi Melissa and your comment about this movie is great. I'm glad it was a reality check for you. My contention is that it's ok to feel sorry for yourself at times but it's not ok to stay in a state of pity. Your handling of the situation is admirable.

Hi ninibeth ! Aw, I’m glad you could relate and enjoyed watching it! Wasn’t it great to see all the challenges he overcame? I bet it reminded you of your strength as well which is always nice . Yes, like he says in the movie " th old me is dead!" Goodbye old us ! Lol thanks ninibeth ! It’s nice to be back. How have you been ?

ho Melissa! Aw, I’m glad it changed your outlook on things in a positive way :slight_smile:

Ugh I meant hi* stupid phone lol

Can I buy this movie in stores or do I have to order it on Netflix

You can stream it or order it via netflix

Thank you for the recommendation. My family and I are watching it now. =)

Just finishing watching Cory he is truly inspiring. Wish there could have been more medical information included. The emotional, medications and how different it feels inside after AVM happens.

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Nicole, I’m sure you can find it on eBay or Amazon .

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I just turned on the TV to this movie. Such a random coincidence!