11 days..countdown HOME

Heart Attack
Angiogram with intervention/coiling


We are counting down to go home.

Is our journey over? NOWAY.
I am scared, I am excited, I am so ready to sleep next to my husband every single night.

We are going home.

Our new life is finally going to start. It will be 6 months and 6 days from the day our world turned upside down.

I have made a promise to Scott.

When we go home, there will be pottery, there will be art, there will be music and food and gardening and dancing in the kitchen.

Our life will be much slower than the life we had before.
New beginnings.

And I am so incredibly grateful.

Scott & Danijo!

I am SO happy for you!

You are an amazing lady, Danijo!

Yay for Scott's homecoming. Thank you for posting this blog, Danijo. I have wondered about the latest news and you brought tears to my eyes .... happy tears. Yes, life will be slower but that's ok and to make you chuckle, one time during my recovery I was ascending the stairs and our son (he was about 23) was behind me and I apologized for my slowness. Well, he told me that I had always been slow and I told him that yes was born with an AVM so hence my slowness! Please post updates and I am grateful for you too!

Good. It is wonderful to get back home again!
Things can in time get better and better and better.
May this happen for you.

Going home -- that's terrific, Danijo!

I am celebrating Scott's homecoming on my blog: 433. Welcome Home.

Ed is hosting a party on Saturday. There will be bobbing for apples, a hay ride, a bonfire + s'mores. Costumes are not required but ALWAYS encouraged. Theme = The Wild Wild West (because this is what RecoveryLand is like). Please inform re. any food allergies - Ed is excessively attentive to these things.

Thank you for your example, and welcome home!!

Thank you!! We are on our way home!!