2 yrs since AVM removal in Febuary

It’s almost been two years since my surgery to remove a AVM. This last two months have been hard. My doctor said my MRI showed spinal fluid build up in my skull. Which lead to dizziness, loss of vision for brief time, and severe headaches. I had a LP to remove the fluid but after 3 days the pain resumed. I almost crashed my car going to pick up my sister due to loosing my vision, it scared the heck out of me. My doctor dosent want to do another LP afraid of complications. He believes their is a slight chance this could be from the AVM. I don’t know what to do, I just got accepted into Western Carolina University, getting sick again isn’t something I can bear. All the kids at school star at my “headband” scar, I don’t mind the jokes but sometimes I just think haven’t I been through enough. My surgery led me to changing schools after I recovered, now I have 2 foster sisters that are also my best friends. Life is crazy.

Sorry to hear you are going through so much! I will pray for your health! God bless you!