4 Years ago today

On this day four years ago I had my bleed. It's still hard to imagine it's been that long ago. I've come a long way since then. I'll never be the person I was. I will most likely always live the deficits that I am left with. A small price to pay for my life, I figure.

I have the most wonderful husband and two fabulous daughters that have helped me through all of this. They give me more joy than I can explain!

I am so thankful for this group and everyone that has helped me over the years. I have made some incredible, livelong friends along the way.

I read something today by another stroke survivor that really stuck with me. It's they way I've always felt: Choose to be a survivor, not a victim! For me it's something I always try to remember. When you choose to focus on the positives it makes life much more fun!

Thank you so much for sharing with us. Congratulations on the four year mark! That is awesome! You are very right about a positive attitude it is essential!

Thats amazing....4 years...wow It's early days for me at the moment 5 months since my AVM was removed...& totally agree with you PMA(Postive Mental Attitude) ALL the way. But I sometimes find it hard to stay postive, but I sit here reading some of the stories and think how lucky I am to still be here.

Congratulations & happy 'anniversary,' Trish!!!

Happy 4 Year Anniversary my beloved Friend! The best thing that happened to me since my brain bleed was meeting you! I love you, Trish! Stay Positive, good Friend!

Hey Trish - Happy Anniversary!

We're all very happy that you decided to fight the good fight and stick around - especially me b/c you're very fun to bug =)

Anyway, I heard this on a podcast today: It's not I think, therefore, I am; rather

I am, therefore, I think...

still noodling on that one =)!

Trish, you are SO positive all the time. Thank you for sharing your Anniversary and thank you for all your help to me over the last couple of years! XX