8 months after the embolization

Hello every one.
My brother had the embolization because of his spinal avm 8 months ago and he has been paralyzed under neck since his embolization. Nowadays the place where embolization took place (behind his neck)is hurting like before. I would appreciate your help or opinion?

I would go back to your neurosurgeon and tell him what is happening. In my case I had a spinal AVM at C5-T2. They tried an embolization and the neurosurgeon tried three times to get it but unsuccessful. I ended up having open surgery (laminectomy) and had vertebrae removed. I have a dent all in that area now and do get pain there. I do have some paralysis but the main thing is I have absolutely no balance. I have had months of pyhsio. I can walk with a walker but cannot stand without one. I need a walker just to stand up. It has been a year and a half and this is my life now. I had an excellent neurosurgeon and unfortunately the AVM caused a lot of damage. I do get a lot of pain in the neck area but I think that is because of loss of bone there. I would go back to your neurosurgeon. I hope they are able to help your brother.

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Dear Pattycake
I hope you are doing ok. Yes, you are right. I should try to call his neurosurgon.
Wish you the best