A bit about me

Hi. Well where do I start, I started having symptoms (seizures) almost 7 years ago, but was diagnosed 6 years ago because I was pregnant at the time so I could not go for an MRI until after my daughter was born. I had a neurosurgeon in Vancouver try to embolize but I stroked out because some of the emboli went into the wrong spot. I then had to learn how to walk and move my arms again. I can not move my foot/ankle on my right foot so I have a brase holdin it so I don't trip. I got both of my arms back but about 2 years ago I started noticing that I was losing the right one again. I can no longer do anything with it. I started having problems with my speech around a year ago, I just have to speak slower and concentrate on what I'm saying. I'm still do still have seizures, when I forget to take my meds. I just had an MRI again and they confirmed my suspicions, it is getting bigger and putting more pressure on my brain, hense the loss of arm and speech. The neurologist says it is nothing that we can do because it's not like the 'normal' AVM, it's not a cluster it is weaved all through my movement and speech section on the left side of my brain.
I have been living with this all my life, 6 years that I've been aware of, so I don't want to let it stop me for living my life.. you know?! I have 2 beautiful daughters that keep me going :)
Are there any Canadian's in this crowd? AY!! haha

Nevermind.. I found the Canadians :)

Have you looked into Cyberknife?