A Little Freaked Out at the moment!

Well…just found out that I am pregnant. I am pretty scared, mostly because I have not seen a high risk obgyn and I dont even know if it is ok to be pregnant. I could be 1 to 3 months along…not sure yet. The hubby and I have decided to not tell anyone we know about it for a while longer. And give us the time to adjust to the idea. (lol…telling you all…and I’m pretty sure you guys dont know any of our families) he actually took it a LOT better than I did. After a while of crying and saying I was sorry for everything I have put him through (he doesnt want kids) he told me it was ok. And that we would make things work. I am pretty stressed out about this and I do know that most woman would kill for the chance to be able to get pregnant. But I am not one of those woman. I would rather have someone else’s kids over then once I get tired of them send them home. hahaha.
I am going to have to completely stop almost all of my meds…except for my seizure meds. Which is pretty scary.
Well thanks for letting me tell you all the news and thanks for not knowing my family. lol

Hi Brittany,you are safe here,I dont know your family,but I must say,miracles come to good people, and you sure are a very special person,congrats,I feel its a blessing and you will be a wonderful mom,Im very happy for you,get to a doctor ok and have those check up ,gongrats my friend,xx caroline

Thank you Caroline,
I will be calling my doctor on Monday to hopefully get an appointment soon.

Hey Brittany-

Understandable that you are freaked out. I think most women are when they are “surprised” by a pregnancy, regardless of an AVM or the “no kids” plan. The story goes that my mom cried for 3 days straight when she found out she was pregnant with me (she already had teenagers and wasn’t expecting any more babies!) But congratulations. I am glad to hear that after the crying you and your husband are ready to take on this new challenge. What will the effect be of stopping all of your meds?
I hope this will turn out to be a happy event in your life, maybe bring you closer with some of those missing friends again, and potentially open up an entire new community of new friends (the mommies!)
Hang in there!

Dear Britt i am glad that you have shared your news with us all here. A good person to talk to would be lianne as she was pregnat while she had her avm, i was just about to send a message to you to suggest you talk to her. It will be good for you to get the support that you need here. Take care of yourself

dear britt, firstly CONGRATULATIONS!!! god works in mysterious ways they say. this is a new challenge for you and YOU HAVE BEEN BLESSED it is only nataral to be scared of afraid. speak to the right people, look after youself, ur hubby sounds very supportive. i am so excited for you and you will ge too.
xxx margaret

Congratulations, Brittany! I understand your fears, but I’m sure that God will watch over you. The fact that you know about your AVM is a big plus…your doctor will watch you very closely and probably plan for an early C-section so that you don’t go through labor.

Thank you for sharing your special news with us, Brittany. We will be here for you to help you when you get nervous and to share your joy!

Well that’s certainly huge news! I have always thought that there was a reason that pregnancy took 9 months…you need that time to get your head around all that it means to become a parent. Even people who WANT to get pregnant have doubts once they are. All I can tell you is looking into the eyes of your OWN child is NOTHING like looking into the eyes of someone else’s.
Now get to that doctor and take good care. Congratulations!

What a lovely Christmas pressie, i hope it all goes well for you and yours.

congradulations Brittany

Big congrats Brittany! i’ve known a few couples who were not planning on having kids, only to have them. And as the pregnancy progressed they got really fired up. I think this is a blessing.



Hey Brittany…Wow that’s quite a surprise! I really hope it all goes well for you. I can understand that you’re freaked out - I have been also, and I’ve only been looking into getting preggers! The good news is that I have found loads of positive stories about pregnancy/birth with AVM, and that docs really seem to be a lot more clued up about it these days…I wish you all the best with the next wee while.

I am lucky that my avm has been treated and is no longer a problem. I am still concerned about things tho especially with the history of having a bleed from the avm. And the fact that I have had a horrible headache for 2 years 1 month and 19 days…and pregnancy usually makes headaches worse. Although I have had one doc tell me that pregnancy had made a lot of her patients headaches better. So I am hoping I am one of those people. I have my first appointment on Friday at 11:00am…and I am pretty nervous about the entire thing. I was never really planning on having children of my own, just adopting. And I was told by several doctors that I wouldn’t be able to conceive…so it was a total shock. I think it will be a while before hubby comes a long and accepts the fact that it is a huge possibility that in less than 6-9 months we will have a baby. Because like I said…I could be anywhere from 1-3 months along. I will be sure to let you all know how my appointment goes on Friday. And also the due date as soon as we find that out. Thanks for all of your kind words and support. It really helps at a time when I am not sure about how my future will turn out. so thanks!

You future will turn out just great, gal.

Congratulations Brittany!
I hope your appointment goes well on Friday. Keep us posted. Early pregnancy is always stressful and exhausting time anyway, so try to give yourself some time to put your feet up and eat some chocolates (my solution to every problem!). Take care.

While no AVMs/pregnancies are the same, Chari had TWO natural deliveries BEFORE she knew she had an AVM. Knowing about the AVM later, the DRs were surprised it didn’t show up at delivery. Obviously the meds are a concern, but from my lay view, having an AVM while pregnant is not a big deal (spoken just like a guy, huh?)

hahah Ron! Just like a guy-your right! I no longer have an avm but I am still concerned about a bleed. I go to a big time specialist in a couple weeks and we will discuss things. Since I had brain surgery and several hemorrhages before, I am sure they will treat me as though I still have one. So probably a c-section and also schedule it early. I am really glad everything went well with your wife and that she had no problems with the avm after her 2 deliveries. I read online somewhere that the time for a bleed wasn’t necessarily during delivery but 3-6 months afterwords…weird huh? anyone else read that anywhere?

WOW… The farthest from your mind I bet…You are sooooo lucky… Me and my husband have been trying for about 8 years… No luck… I have already had 2 kids in my twentys and I wish for more…Feels like it won’t work… Maybe some day… I know that you and everything else will be just fine… I was worried too… more worried about having kids with a vm. I know yours is an avm, but I know from my heart, that you and your beautiful baby will be just fine… I know cause I have lived it. But I know that you have nine months of hurdles… Pain, episodes… and otherwise…It all goes with having a baby… just think of it that way… And tell your husband not to worry, you will survive and love life more than you ever thought you could…Anytime want to talk or type ■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■

Hi britt it was good that you shared your news heere as it seems you will have lots of support, great how many people have already commented hey.

Best wishes for a very exciting new year Brittany!