A little iscussion of somethink

Well Rosie,

The only seizure in which I remember was being in the hospital and I was shaking unbelievable. Which was about twenty umpf years ago. I get little pains in my neck where it was that it started. I worry about it but nothing is going on with me as far as re-occurences. I have put on a few extra lbs. But besides that I am just chillin on this beautiful earth.

I don’t smoke, but alcohol hasn’t been a problem. I’ve cut way back because being “buzzed” reminds me too much of the dizziness I had after the bleed. But I have 2-3 glasses of wine a week and an occasional stronger cocktail. I think the bigger issue is drug interaction if you’re on anything.

Enjoy life- that’s the most important thing.

I used to smoke for 10 years i quit it on 2006 and now i am drinking both coffee(i love coffee) and alcohol (beers especially there are like water)

Reply by Regis G. Deglans on June 1, 2008 at 10:21am
HAHA, ok- seriously, I clear all with my DR (neuro). But, when I go to Puerto Rico (vacation) or to the clubs, I have ONE drink or two (maybe three) beers. If I’m at home, I drink wine. ALL THIS WITH MODERATION. I also wait a few hours BEFORE I take meds (I dont take meds WHILE DRINKING!!). As far as I’m concerned- I can smoke ALL the cigars I want (I also cleared that, MY DR said “it’s OK”). I’ve been AVM-free for 11 years, maybe that’s the reason? oh, caffeine; that’s what keeps me going! Otherwise, I’ll be in bed right now- or 3 hours ago, since I had a TRIPLE SHOT of expresso at 7pm (caramel machaitto, from Starbuck’s)
Regis =)

As you can see, this is a copy/paste from a discussion like this… A few nights ago, moderation didn’t cross my mind. I was little hungover- more of want to get some more rest (Stayed up until 5am drinking). Went to work the next day- drank h2o, caffeine, omega3; didn’t bother me at all.


na drinking is ok I have been off of ti for about two years and I think I am going to start again… Got to do something

i hear ya no smoking though oh that is discusting according to my mother…

i do it all… dr be damned. :slight_smile:

Liam, you crack me up! Seriously, Robert, when do we get to see a picture of the real you?

I think all of us have put limits to our daily life this is why only we the avm survivors can understand these thoughts actions and whatever.People around me seems so disturbed when i drink coffee or alcohol because they afraid of some consiquences and maybe this is one reason that i think it seriously.I don’t know.Sometimes it seems just i don’t know

true so true!!!

Nikos you have to live your own life. You can not go bye what other people tell you. Just live it and be happy :slight_smile:

Hey Nikos, My AVM is obliterated as of early January but I’m still on Dilantin. My doc said I can have maybe 2 light beers or a glass of champagne every now and again but that’s it. As time goes on I’ll be able to have more - but no more binge drinking. But that’s fine because who wants to wake up with a hangover anyway?

Take VERY, VERY, VERY, VERY GOOD CARE OF YOUR GUMS- they tend to swell as a side effect of dilantin.


what do you mena Regis by saying gums, english is not my mother tongue you see. you mean the real gums?And i don’t kno wwhat dilantin is.

ANYONE who’s on Dilantin (Anti-seizure med), has to take care of their gums (Gingiva). They tend to swell and bleed- also very tender. When I was on Dilantin, even eating stuff like ribs would make my gums bleed.


I am taking very good care of my gums. I had a dental appointment and she said they were looking pretty healthy so as long as I keep flossing and brushing twice a day I should be OK