I am fatigued today. Didn't get up until 3pm.

I had a friend to stay so cooked for him, tidied the house, was a good host, and it all took ENERGY which has now gone. Do you know what I mean? It's so frustrating. It's going to take maybe another day to get my energy back.

Well was it worth it? Did you have a good time with your friend, Flower?

That sounds very familiar. I have to plan my days around a shower sometimes because I know that once I’m done I’ll be wiped out.
I’m very new here, just got approved today. I’m really looking forward to comparing symptoms. It’s very hard to find anyone to relate but fortunately my husband is always right by my side and supports me all the way. I hope that you feel better soon!

Hi Flower.

If you slept that long - then you needed it. Next time, have your friend cook for you (wink - ha ha).
I've been trying to do some maintenance on my house and that isn't going as smooth as I wish it would because, I tire easily too. When that happens my vertigo gets worst and my legs get week. I then rest for a while and I go again (smiles).


thanks all.
:) just gotta remember to slot in those rest periods each day.

Understand the fatigue some days I accomplish nothing other days I feel just like before the AVM. I usually have 3 great days in a row and then I am reminded that I am not completely well yet. Try to enjoy the good days and hopefully soon will be more good than bad.

I still have days where I sleep a lot. With my current meds it’s more sleepyhead than fatigue. I still remember the fatigue from before surgery. Hang in there. All you can do is all you can do. Don’t compare to old you or someone else.

I know what you mean. It is frustrating. I'm still learning how to plan for things like that, too. I tend to do too much on the days when I feel great, or I plan a fun day based on how I felt before the AVM ruptured. It results in needing a day or two to recover.