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I’ve read on some of these discussions about not straining or lifting weights. I have a slight problem, however. I work at a convenient store and have to lift probably around 20 lbs at times. I do not do this too often but it does happen. Should I think about quitting my job? I would really prefer not to do something so drastic but if it is for my health, I’m just so confused right now. Sorry guys, I’m a little emotional right now, it’s one of “those days”.

I’ve been trying my best to only think positive thoughts, but these negative ones just keep creeping up. Thanks for letting me talk about this.

Hi Alyssa:)

You are me two weeks ago and I feel for you:) You are eventually going to feel so much better. When I was first diagnosed, I was a mess, but because of my busy days, I had to keep moving, then come home at night and cry and worry. That cycle continued for about two weeks, then I felt like I was “all cried out” and like I needed to live normally IN SPITE of the huge AVM in my brain. You will get there.

As for heavy lifting, my neurologist says that excessive straining should be avoided. I still weight lift because it is part of my life, but I only do 15 lb curls and 24lb squats, and at no time to I stop breathing to “strain” against the weight (like the huge body builders). Any time you lift something but can still breathe through it, you should be fine. That being said, if ever you get ANY symptoms (like the weakness, numbness, paralysis, or headaches you have suffered from), please stop the activity.

It is best to maintain normality in your life, so keep your job if you can. Studies have shown that keeping your job, your friends and your activities wards off depression. Your employer will definitely be able to make accommodations for you. For example, I spend a lot of time in the operating room as a medical student. I get faint when I stand for long periods due to very low blood pressure. I tell each surgeon this at the start of the day, and they get me a fantastic “saddle stool” so that I don’t get too faint.

Believe me, I’m very confused about a lot of things too…but there aren’t always great answers. Do what is in your heart and let your loved ones support you. Live is precious…just think about how much more you know this now:)



I lift weights and have had no problems with anything at all. Just remember to lift from your legs not your back and if you feel kind of funny or dizzy stop and ask someone else for help. I’m sure everything will be ok. And remember… Your worst day can only lat 24 hours.

My Doctor advised me not to lift weights or go to the gym, or go back to school due to the stress that can cause…I was used to go the gym and a daily basis…I know how you feel it is hard…not to be negative but have faith everything will be okay…On the first months that I was diagnosed with avm I was so depress
I have to take anti depressing medications…Life is gonna change for us this is like we reborn again we have to start again but in a good way…Depend on us how to choose,on living this Journey sometimes it is a long Journey sometimes is not Just take as day by day…Good luck and take care of yourself…God bless…

Thanks everyone for your support!! I was having one of “those days”. I do feel better today, however. I just get paranoid sometimes walking around with this thing in my brain that could bleed (but in reality most likely wont). I think I will talk to my manager. Maybe I just wont do every thing my job asks. There are enough employees there that can do the other tasks. I go up and down depending on the day. Today I am much better. I’m just going to take it one day at a time.

"Lord grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change,
the courage to change the things I can, and
the wisdom to know the difference"
Thanks everyone!

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i was told to keep it under 30lbs but i fudged it and went to 40 so lifting 20 shouldnt be a problem

Hi, I may be a little late in my reply but on my job like you I had to lift a lot of things from 10 to 70 lbs and my doctor told me no lifting because my AVM had bleed. So I did have to take off work, my job requires me to lift even if there is someone else that can do it. Also no stress and my job can be stressful. Now after I finish with everything I may try to go back to work but I still want push myself to do something that could hurt me. I decided to put in for my retirement with my disability but with my job when I am well enough I can go back, a little blessed because I work for the government and can retire with the option of returnning when I am at least 90% better.

jessica said:

i was told to keep it under 30lbs but i fudged it and went to 40 so lifting 20 shouldnt be a problem

Alyssa those days happen and you are more than entitled to have them. Definitely ask your doctor if it’s ok. I just started to lift up my son who is 50+lbs. I didn’t for a very long time and I guess since he is 7 it might be past the age of picking up, but I still love to. Jordan I love you said ‘your worst day can only last 24 hrs’! I am going to use that all the time now!