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Dr. Charles Haw Vancouver General Hospital Vancouver British Columbia Canda - the AVM guru!

Dr. Nzau at the Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario (in Ottawa). Not only was he an amazing surgeon, but he was excellent at always explaining to my parents exactly what I was going through. (I was ten years old) When I was transferred to another hospital and given to a doctor who did not believe I needed any further treatment, Dr. Nzau advocated for me to get a better surgeon and go through with surgery as soon as possible. He is an amazing man!

Also, Dr. Schwartz at Toronto Western Hospital–he also gave us a great second opinion when my previous surgeon didn’t want to operate on me, and I was glad to have him on my team for my last brain surgery.

Dr. Michael Woods UW Hospital in Madison, WI … he’s an amazing Physician who works so diligently with his patients and trains his staff to work with AVM patients both traditional and non and makes them feel so welcomed and informed! It can be such a scary experience but he makes everything so much more welcoming and easier.

Mr Ramesh Nair. Based at Charing Cross Hospital. Specialises in AVM. Specialised in Japan. Brilliant Man, Mind and Approach. Owe him my life.

Dr. Laligam N. Sekhar at The University of Washington Harborview Medical Center (Brain Aneurysm Clinic). He did an amazing job with my AVM embolization and craniotomy.