Actually I'm just sad

Tears on my pillow,
Nicole in Ohio
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Hello my good AVM friend…please do not cry…rejoice in the fact that you are still here for a reason!!

Thanks Barbara, You are always such a Ray of light! I am just not feeling the “rejoicing part” but i pray a lot so maybe one fine day I will get there!Either way, time for Lunch!
Thank You,
your AVM Friend nicole

Enjoy your lunch and have something really yummy!!! And savor each bite! Please don’t be sad!!

Another Nicole

Are those tears of joy Nicole? I hope so:-) Has your AVM been at bay lately, or are you having problems recently from your AVM that is making you sad? Hang in there Nicole. ANother day to live is certainly something to make me cry too:-)

Hi Nicole,
Just wanted to say we are here walking this with you, please take care and know we are thinking of you.



Lots of hugs from me too. I do understand your sadness Nicole; I have been through the ‘husband’ problem too. I have been sad for a number of months, however, I do try not to let it consume me. Easier said than done, I know! Every day I thank God that I am alive, I have my wonderful family, my wonderful AVM family and I figure that if I want to have a good day, I will HAVE a good day…take care my friend and God Bless.xx

I know the feeling, we are all here for you

Kia Kaha Taiki


Any suggestions on the Husband situation I am So hurt and betrayed and Mostly Angry! The Anger is a constant burden ! I told him I distinctly remembered something in those Vows pertaining to “In sickness, and in Health…” Apparently he was not there that day I said those vows to a Stranger? Maybe I should start a Singles AVM sub-group wooohooo ! Now that would be a motly - crew, but fun1 We could drink a lot!! I give up anyway He said he already knows he is certain to go straight to hell for this one. small cosolation! At least i am still here and I say next time *I am Marrying for Money! and That’s enough about that!

Hey Nicole, you did make me laugh! For me, there will not be a ‘next time’; this one has hurt TOO much.
Take care my friend. xx