Advice for something to relieve craniotomy scar itching?

My craniotomy was the first week of May and the staples were removed a few weeks later. The itching it horrible around the scar area and I wondered if anyone has any recommendations for anything that worked for them. I have tried Neosporin with a pain reliever in it but that doesn’t work for very long. Any help is appreciated. Thanks! brooke

Hi Brooke,

my neurosurgeon told me to buy mineral oil at CVS and to just rub it in the scar area a few times a day. super cheap and it really works. hopefully you’ll notice it working for you after a week or two. it’s good for scar healing since i used it for a few months off and on and my hairstylist would tell me it was getting much better over time (I have v. thick hair so i can’t see it myself.

best of luck!

I use Aquaphor. I put a thick layer on at night and it keeps it moist for the whole day after even when I wash my hair. I also might be that the nerves are trying to reconnect and that made it super itchy for me almost like bugs crawling or a sharp quick pinch. I had surgery in Jan and now my scar just feels really weird. Anything that touches it or moves my hair around it makes me cringe. If it is the nerves the only thing that will make it better is time.

my scar is about 14 years old and it has NEVER itched this much! I don't want to oil up my hair so any suggestions for me?