After Surgery

I was wondering how long it took yall to feel yourself again after surgery. I just had my 2nd AVM surgery April 1oth and am now AVM free after 25 years. My first surgery almost 11 years ago went well and I dont remember many problems. I developed meningitis after this one and my hospital stay was muchlonger. Besides batteling headaches Im fighting trying to feel myself again. I feel like the world is living but Im not living in it. It’s hard to explain. Just wondering how you all felt afterawards.

Amanda, first, congrats on being AVM free, fantastic. I had many of the same issues after my craini. I developed meningitis also (had my own infectious disease doc, how impressive :,) I was on twice a day IV antibiotics for 21 days. I had very bad headaches for several weeks after. I remember asking my doctor “when the fog would clear”. I felt like I was floating, kind of. I still don’t feel like myself again, but I don’t think I ever will. I think it’s more to do with my lasting deficits that I still feel strange and it’s been nearly a year. I know each individual case is different, but that was my experience. Remember, you had your brain operated on! That’s not a routine thing. I don’t know if you’ll ever feel like “yourself” again, you’re not the same anymore. Like I am trying to do, perhaps you have to find a new normal. Hope you continue to improve every day.

so happy to hear the surgery went well…give yourself time…it has been 13months since my surgery and i can honestly say i thought the old me was gone forever but over the past few weeks i have just began to feel a little more like the old me again and all my family and friends are saying you have your sparkle back in your eyes…the old alicia is back… it has taken a year but the old me is back and even better than before having experienced what i have over the past 13 months…the old you will return and be even better just be patient. it may not be easy… but in times of struggle you will find a stronger sense of who you are and see yourself developing into the person you’ve always wanted to be. you will come back better than ever