So My friend is planning a trip this weekend for me, we are going to New York!! Excited for that but how will I feel after having gamma knife and all that stuff. How will my brain react to the change in air pressure....

Katie, check with your AVM doctor. My neuro told me that a short flight is okay, but not to take any long flights. I guess my dream trip to Hawaii is out! :-(

That said, I have flown from New York to Florida without any problem.


I fly all the time since I travel a lot for work. Since my AVM diagnosis last year I have flown 16 times on 8 trips for work and/or pleasure and have not had any issues. You can talk to your doctor about it but I am sure everything should be fine for you to travel.

Before my diagnosis I would fly in small airplanes all the time and I am still able to fly in small planes as long as I don't go over 10,000 or so feet since the cabin is not pressurized.