This is a strange one, but I am trying adopt as normal life as possible with this AVM.
Can you drink alcohol with these???
I am not saying that I need alcoholic stimulation to keep myself going, however I do like a nice couple of Glasses on Pinot Noir with my evening meal.
I am obviously happy to refrain from this, but it's just one of my life's pleasures that I would like to maintain.

Hello Stuart
Are you on any meds? Personally I dont normally drink because I seem to get drunk faster and I am on meds. If I am going to drink I only have two glasses of beer or two glasses of wine.
I think it is the meds cause I really dont miss drinking for the drinking part. I do miss the social part...
Alcohol does thin blood.

Stuart, there have been past discussions about this, which you can check out here:

There are discussions mixed in about alcohol sclerotherapy treatments, which have nothing to do with your question, but if you bypass those you will find a good number of responses about drinking alcohol.

A lot of factors come into play with this. My own opinion of this is: If you are not on any medication that says "do not drink" and you are feeling fairly healthy. I don't think one or two mild drinks will hurt anything. One of the biggest concerns is that alcohol thins your blood. That can be dangerous for an AVM.
Every once in a blue moon, I'll have a beer. I haven't noticed any side nasty effects when I do. Considering I rarely drink.. I get a little tipsy from just that one beer. Yea.. I'm a light weight.. LOL