Amtrak Train or Other Travel Mode

Hi - Has anyone ever travelled alone via Amtrak if physically disabled. If so, are there a lot of hoops? If not, do you suggest another method?

Hi Julie,

I think the bigger question is 'where are you going?'

We contemplated a vacation by train once with the kids (and might do it now without someday)from KS to California. Well, there are several issues..............

A train from here--actually it is THE train, as there's only one per day through KS going east, and one going west--to Las Angeles takes a LONG time to get there. Leave KS at 3AM, arrive in LA THIRTY-ONE HOURS later. And the cost--for coach in train about the same as coach on an airplane. Wanna bedroom on the train--it costs double a coach airplane ticket. And you'd have to buy food for the train trip.

Just not very feasible for we midwesterners.

As for your question, I'm sure they will assist you as needed and are ADA sensitive.
Hope this helps.
Ron, KS (who doesn't ride the trains anymore)

Jules, I'm taking the train up to my high school reunion. Amtrak actually has reduced rates for disabled people. They also offer assistance to anyone that needs it. I booked on line and there is a section that disabled persons fill out. For me I listed "vision loss" as my main disability. Amtrak is going to have a person at the station waiting for me and who will help me boarding and getting to my seat, etc. I don't need help with mobility, but I tend to get lost and very confused in unfamiliar settings. My sister is picking me up at the train station but if I have to wait for her somewhere I'll make sure my little assistant puts me somewhere safe! I'm doing this next Friday so I'll let you know how it goes.

Oh and I'm taking the train because my husband can't go with me and there's no possible way I could manage in a busy airport on my own. Yes, the train is going to take a lot longer (Really a LOT longer) but this is kind of a new test for me. A new challenge. I"m terrified but I think I can do it.

Things you might want to consider:

I've traveled a lot by air. Almost every trip, I see airline personnel assisting people with all sorts of issues that make travel unique. These daily events at every airport never get the news, but let a 10 yr old boy sneak onto a plane, it's all over page one. I've had relatives travel by air that required assistance (wheelchairs mostly) and most (not all) of the time, the chair and attendant are waiting at the gate and cheerfully move them where they need to go.

When you compare the time, will being on the train for X hours longer cause you any issues? Transfer of airplanes or trains are also a factor.

You might want to speak with a local travel agent to see which mode they suggest from where you are to where you are going.

Do you have a relative, friend, or short term caregiver that might like an airplane trip to ___ in exchange for helping you navigate a little?

Just random thoughts. Hope it helps.
Ron, KS

Hey All - Thanks for the input.

I considered a few places - and then would I get there?

I started digging into Amtrack; read something about an accessible car - but now can't find it - so wondering and still wondering; and read this page:

Also...the train is costing me less than half of what the airfare would be. I would rather fly if I thought I could do it but I'll see how I handle the train on my own first.

This is probably TMI, but if I drink anything like water, coffee, etc., I have to use the restroom about a pain...not to mention hitting people in the head on my way to the restroom since I have to balance on their seat heads - it's pretty much a fun time had by all - said noone ever. I was thinking...or maybe hoping...that the train would be more bladder-friendly...the other option, of course, is to starve myself of any liquids for a few hours...was hoping to avoid that.